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Pineolene is an old herbal medicine that came into being in a small town Southeast of Hattiesburg, MS called New Augusta in the early 1900's.  It was most likely passed down from Old Native American recipes, and is very effective as an "All Natural Healer".


The truth is this great old remedy "Pineolene" was almost lost forever.  The knowledge of how to make this wonderful product was saved when I went to see the previous owner in Hattiesburg, MS. to ask if he would make up just a few cases of Pineolene just for our personal use.


The previous owner said that he had retired the "Old Lab" because of his health and age. Long story short, I bought the old company.


My family and the entire community of Cumbest Bluff, Wade, and Hurley, have been using Pineolene for over 60 years.


I was first introduced to Pineolene at an early age while working around my father's Fish Camp at Cumbest Bluff.  We used it for everything from Cat Fish Fins, Snake Bites, to our tired aching feet and muscles. We doctored the adults, the children, the dogs, and most of the family live stock.  The uses were limitless, as most of the older adults well remember.


The old time remedy will be remembered by many of the old timers of the South as Pineolene & Pineoleum. It was sold all over the South during the 40's, 50's, 60's, and through the 70's - 80's. Old records show that thousands of bottles were sold in the old country stores, drug stores, feed and seed stores. Also old records show that the United States Government purchased thousands of cases for Camp Shelby during World War II.  I purchased the company from the previous owner in 1989. We are continuing the production of this wonderful product to this day.  It is made the same ole way, one bottle of Pineolene at a time.  It's good stuff.

Almost Lost Forever


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