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I like Pineolene because it is easy to use.  It stops infection and bleeding.  I find for best results use immediately on injury.  I never want to be without Pineolene. I have used Pineolene for forty-five years.


Lyle Fulton

Meridian, MS


After going to Veteran's Hospital for three years, for a leg rash, I tried rubbing the infected area with Pineolene once daily for three weeks. The rash infection is ninety-five percent better.


D.L. Whittington

Big Point, MS.

I have been using Pineolene for more than fifty years. For personal use as well as farm animals and dogs. Never seen anything just like it. "At's Good Stuff."


Burtis Goff

Wade, MS.

I have Arthritis so bad that the only thing that will give me relief to sleep at night is the old time medicine Pineolene.  Been using it for forty-five years.


Richard Goff

Lucedale, MS.

I have been using Pineolene to rub my tired aching feet after standing on cement floors working all day for many years. "It works wonders, at's good stuff."


Betty Gray

Ft. Payne, AL.

Had it not been for my old cure-all Pineolene, I could have lost my right hand after a bad, bad catfish fin.


Lewis Kennedy

Cumbest Bluff, MS.

I think this is one of the best old time remedy's on the market for man or animals.  Myself and scores of others love this old time medicine Pineolene.  My family and I have used this old cure-all for more than thirty years.


Donna Roberts

Hattiesburg, MS.


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